Loving Me Some Me


Learning to love yourself is vital in today’s society. “Loving Me Some Me” teaches every woman how to love themselves from the inside out. Every participant walks in with baggage, but leaves a clean slate. K.Micole leads participants through the cleansing process of taking off all make-up, accessories, and extra clothing that hides the true beauty of being a woman. Then they are given a mirror and are forced to acknowledge and start loving the person they see staring back at them.


Make Me Over Again


After erasing everything that hides the true beauty of a woman K.Micole goes into “Make Me Over Again.” This class teaches the participants how to add to their beauty with the help of makeup, clothes, and accessories. Subjects will include how-to apply make-up the correct way, wearing clothes that accentuate the body, and accessorizing to complete the outfit.

Wardrobe Re-Do Ever looked through a magazine and wondered how to get the look of the model or celebrity? “Wardrobe Re-Do” allows participants to look through magazines and pick out the looks that they want to achieve. K.Micole will then demonstrate how to get the looks with the clothes in their own closets. She will teach them that it’s not about having money, but about using your resources at home to re-do your wardrobe.


Picture Me Flawless


How many times have you seen photo in a magazine or on a billboard and wished that you could have a real professional photo shoot. Great well in this class you get it K.Micole brings in her celebrity makeup, hair, and photography industry friends in for a fabulous power shoot that will allow you to connect you to your inner GLAMOUROUS SELF.    


One-on-One Image Consulting


All women wish they had their own personal image consultant and now their wish will become a reality. “One-on-One Image Consulting” will allow each participant to bring their hair, make-up, and wardrobe questions to K.Micole. She will show step by step instructions to achieve the look of their dreams from head to toe.