What is , why do, and much for Your own Stylist?


Professional fashion stylists, also referred to as wardrobe consultants, help clients craft their image, whether it be casual or formal, social or professional. Through this collaborative process, clients can easily project their most confident and authentically beautiful self to the world.

What can a fashion stylist do for me?

A fashion stylist can guide you in developing and expressing your unique sense of style! Stepping out into the world in a wardrobe with the right look and the perfect fit can inspire you with confidence like never before. Looking your best makes a strong impression, heightens your profile, and others respond to you positively, which draws more success into your life.

What’s it like to work with K.Micole?

As a professional fashion stylist, K.Micole will provide you with a completely personalized experience. She begins by listening carefully to your needs and what is presently occurring in your life. Fashion styling is incredibly valuable at transition times, such as when you are embarking on a new career, seeking a promotion, dating, graduating college, entering or re-entering the workplace, or preparing for a special occasion. After discussing your goals, K.Micole then takes into account your physical attributes, lifestyle, and personal fashion preferences, in order to help you develop your signature look.

Often after the initial consultation with K.Micole, you may request that she visit your home to evaluate your current wardrobe. This helps her determine what clothes are outdated or ill-fitting and whether some garments can be updated for the style or season with strategically added layering pieces, accessories, etc.

You will enjoy working closely with K.Micole. She is engaging, kind, patient and fun to spend time with. She also stays connected to the fashion industry, in touch with key players and designers and monitoring industry publications and buzz. This allows her to make the most fashion-forward recommendations to you, regarding tomorrow’s trends as well as classic couture.

What do we do first?

As your fashion stylist, here’s a list of the steps K.Micole will guide you through:

  • Discuss your goals.

  • Consider your lifestyle, body type, budget and style preferences.

  • Assess your current wardrobe, if requested.

  • Develop your optimal wardrobe – one that is highly flattering and fashionable.

  • Provide guidance through Fashion Match materials and photographs.

  • Provide personal shopping, if requested.

What comes next?

After the initial process of developing your optimal wardrobe is complete, K.Micole is available for ongoing consultation and personal shopping services, as well as assisting you with special occasion dressing or travel wardrobe planning, either for business or vacation.

How much does fashion styling cost?

You will discover that K.Micole’s fashion stylist service pays for itself by creating a new level of self-confidence which invites greater personal and professional success. Plus, it means no more money wasted buying clothes that don't fit and you never wear! Due to her depth of experience, K.Micole knows how to help you tailor an updated wardrobe for a reasonable out-of-pocket expense.

Initial consultation: $50 (up to 1 hour)
Closet check-up: $75 per hour
Personal styling: $150 per hour
Personal shopping for client: $50 per hour
Personal shopping with client: $100 per hour
Dressing for special occasions, events: $125 per hour
Wardrobe photo shoot: $200 per hour
Custom design clothing: priced per item
Alterations or tailoring: priced per item

How do I get started?

K.Micole is waiting to hear from you! Call her today at 424-256-6468 or email her at   thekmicole@gmail.com

Price List / Rates

There is a two-hour minimum for all services, plus travel expenses, if applicable. Our prices include our time in traveling to your location.

*Fashion Styling Prices: (These are guidelines, only; your situation may be more or less expensive.)

  • $40 per hour

  • Flat fee for entire day - $200 (For up to eight hours of service)

If you are hiring K.Micole as your makeup artist, fashion styling services may be included for no additional charge.

*Personal Shopping Prices: (These are guidelines, only; your situation may be more or less expensive.)

  • $40 per hour

  • Flat fee for entire day - $200 (For up to eight hours of service)

*Makeup Artistry Prices:(These are guidelines, only; your situation may be more or less expensive.)

The application of hand-tied human-hair eyelashes is included at no additional charge for most makeups.

  • $100 per hour (Two hour minimum)

  • Flat Fee for Half Day - $300 (For up to four hours of service)

  • Flat Fee for Full Day - $500 (For up to eight hours of service)

  • Flat Fee for Extended Day - $600 (For up to twelve hours of service)

  • Flat Fee per Week - $1600 (For five days/up to eight hours per day)

The average bridal makeup costs $200 for the bride alone, or $500 for the entire wedding party. Please note that every situation is unique and your costs may be more or less than the fees listed here. We do have monthly payment plans available for those with budgetary concerns.

The makeup fee will be based upon how simple/difficult the application process will be considering skin issues such as acne, age spots, allergies, birthmarks, blemishes, dark circles, enlarged pores, eye bags, Rosacea, scars, tattoos, etc. If you have young, flawless skin, your makeup application will be quick, easy, and less expensive than someone with numerous concealment issues.

Please be completely honest when completing your Client Information Form, as this will assist the makeup artist with having the proper products available to address your particular makeup and concealment issues.

Makeup Instruction Classes - (Depends upon number of students in class)

  • Get a group of friends together to share in the costs of a fun, informative makeup instruction class.

You may book an appointment, pay your monthly installment, or book an entire day of makeup services by clicking on the Pay Now button at the bottom of the page. You may have family members or friends contribute to paying for your services by having them buy gift certificates on this site or paying installments for you.


*Complete Makeover Prices:

A complete makeover can combine as few or as many services you desire and we will put together a custom package for you to address your personal style or appearance issues. A comprehensive complete makeover will include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Personal Interview;

  2. Style Assessment including coloring, body type, lifestyle, personality, wardrobe ease-of-care factors, profession, and hobbies;

  3. Wardrobe Evaluation;

  4. Hairstyle Evaluation and/or Complete New Hairstyle;

  5. Skin Evaluation;

  6. Makeup Analysis;

  7. Complete Makeup Application;

  8. Before and After Photos;

  9. Optional Professional Photo shoot; and

  10. Optional Half-day or Full-day of shopping for new clothing.

*Complete makeover prices range from $200 to $800 depending upon how many services are desired and the anticipated number of hours that will be needed to perform the makeover. The complete makeover is our number one and most requested gift. You can select one item, two items, or the complete works package with all ten items.

Gift Certificate Prices:

We have gift certificates available in any denomination from $40 on up. Giving someone a gift that will enhance their looks and improve their self esteem is the most thoughtful and appreciated of all gifts. The benefits are long lasting and can even change someone's life. We will be happy to beautifully wrap and deliver your gift on your behalf. You may purchase a gift certificate at the bottom of this page. If your desired amount is not listed, please let us know and we will send an invoice.

One of the most difficult things to do in the service industry is to establish pricing that is both fair to the client and to the artist/stylist. We offer the above as pricing guidelines, only. We are always willing to negotiate pricing if it feels prohibitive to the client. We will work within your budget. We will match competitors' prices for those with similar training and experience. It is not wise to hire any professional based upon price alone. There are many other factors to consider.

Our primary goal is to provide quality makeup and fashion services not just to celebrities, but the mainstream client, as well. We consistently find that people assume that professional makeup artists and fashion stylists are only for the wealthy or famous. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, for the cost of one outfit or less, an experienced fashion stylist can revamp your entire wardrobe. For the cost of a spa visit, a professional makeup artist can completely transform your look and provide you with beautiful photos that will last a lifetime.

*NOTE: Prices are subject to change at any time. Your prices are not guaranteed until your services have been confirmed and your date has been formally reserved. New customers must pay a deposit to reserve your date and confirm your appointment. All appointments are given on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is given to repeat customers. Established customers do not need to provide deposits to book appointments.

Makeup Services

Initial Deposit $50.00

Monthly Installment $100.00

Full Day of Services $500.00


Fashion Styling Services

Initial Deposit $40.00

Monthly Installment $100.00

Full Day of Services $200.00 


 K.Micole specializes in style development and personal image enhancement. Image consulting can be of benefit to everyone. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. What message is your image saying to the world?

Whether you are entering a new career, rejoining the dating scene, celebrating weight loss or plastic surgery, conquering a serious illness, or just wanting a new look, image consulting can change your outlook on life. K.Micole wants you to be happy, successful, and living your dream life. Your image may be holding you back from attaining your goals.

Perhaps you are an entertainer and you need to develop a look that sets you apart from the masses. (Lady Gaga didn't become successful just because of her voice; her outrageous costumes and makeup had more impact than her songs, defined her, and made her unforgettable.) Or perhaps you just want to look and feel like a star.

K.Micole will also be happy to come to your location to provide image-consulting services to your graduating class, corporation, or institution. As your students leave and enter the job market, this service can be invaluable and can make the difference as to whether your students secure employment, or end up with a useless piece of paper. This service is especially beneficial to law students, medical students, nurses, and students at technically-oriented establishments.

K.Micole can assist you in developing your image to one that sends the message you want to convey. With K.Micole, your image can be a positive, shining light that can change your life. Dream it, believe it, make it happen!


Nothing makes a statement to the outside world more than your clothes. K.Micole wants to help you make a positive, impressive statement.

In order to select the perfect wardrobe, K.Micole can shop for you and provide items for your approval, or shop with you. The goal is to keep you from ending up with a closet full of items that you never wear, or when you do wear them, you don't feel good about the way you look K.Micole's Personal Shopping service is one of the best tools you can employ toward building a new and better image.

Personal shopping isn't just for those fortunate few who don't need to look at price tags. For those with budgetary concerns, K.Micole will search out every bargain in town for you, and even shop at resale shops if you desire, to get the maximum bang for your buck. Yes, you can actually hire a professional fashion stylist for under $100! The services will pay for themselves in what you will save from not buying one wrong outfit that you will never wear.

Whether you are happy with the classics, or on a constant quest for what is new and fashion forward, K.Micole can help you build the wardrobe of your dreams.

Shopping doesn't have to be a tedious chore; it can fun and rewarding - we promise.



I am a "Share Some Style" approved personal stylist, personal shopper, and image consultant based in Pittsburgh. Click here to schedule a style session with me.

There seems to be a perception that Personal Styling/Shoppers come at a high price and that it is only something the rich and famous can afford. Let me tell you the truth about this! Personal Styling is an affordable & worthwhile investment, and one that in the long run will save you money! How can that be, I hear you say! Well read on to find out how...

When you buy a package you get a lot for your money, specifically the Wardrobe Consult which is one of the most popular choices with clients, as you get to utilize the clothes you ALREADY have in your closet! I will give you the tools to be able to put outfits together, mix & match from what you already have, talk to you about what colors you should be wearing and which ones to avoid, and teach you to accessorize in a way you will find invaluable!

Maybe you just want a style lift and don't feel you need a whole new look or wardrobe. I can look at what you have and suggest some accessories that will allow you to get a number of different looks. Just by adding scarves, key pieces of jewelry, belts or just a pop of color, you can change your look dramatically! And the best thing about this is that it won't cost you a fortune!

For those who are after a full wardrobe update, want help planning and buying for new season fashion, or for a special event, the Personal Shopping Package would be the one for you! Together we will put together a number of options that will give you the most value for your money. During our shopping trip I will teach you what colors and style best suit your body shape and lifestyle, and how to spend less but end up having more to wear!

Please take a look at my price list and see for yourself how reasonably priced these services really are! If you have any questions or inquiries please call me on (424) 256-6468.

Host a style party for your friends. It's a fun time with the girls, and I will talk in more detail about the Styling services I offer and share some of my makeup & style tips.

Gift Certificates are also available year round for those of you who want to give a special gift to that someone special in your life, whether it be a mum, sister, friend or husband! Yes, men can benefit from style makeovers too!

Initial Consultation (this makes a great gift)
$50.00 (this can be done in person or via telephone)

Personal Styling
$75.00 per hour or $200 for the day

Personal Shopping for/with Client
$75.00 per hour or $200 for the day

Wardrobe Consultation/Closet Audit
$200.00 (review of current wardrobe to create new looks, mixing & matching existing pieces putting together outfits you never knew you had. The emphasis here is on what you can do with what you have, therefore saving you money).

Special Event Dressing
$75.00 per hour or $200 for the day (this is ideal if you have a wedding, shower, graduation or any special event that you want to look great for).

Makeup session & tips $100.00

Accessorizing & Style tips $200.00 (includes how to dress for your body type & color analysis)


Style Makeover Package
$250.00 (includes initial style consult, current wardrobe review, color analysis, personal shopping day, makeup & style tips).

Business Woman Package
$250.00 (includes style consult, personal shopping for work outfits & accessories, makeup & style tips).

Special Event Package
$200.00 (includes consultation, wardrobe review, personal shopping day & style tips).

Weight Loss Package
$300.00 (for the woman who has experienced significant weight loss & needs guidance on how to dress her new body. This package includes initial consult, color analysis, guidance & tips on how to dress for your new shape, personal shopping day, makeup session, accessorizing & style tips).

Mommy Makeover Package
$300.00 (for the moms who spend all their time taking care of others - now it's time to take care of you! Includes style consult, wardrobe review, color analysis, personal styling with current wardrobe items, personal shopping day, makeup session, accessorizing & style tips).

Vacation Package
$200.00 (be prepared for that vacation you've been looking forward to! This package helps you get ready for the beach, slopes, or the city....wherever you're heading I will help you pick out the perfect wardrobe for your trip. Package includes style consult, personal shopping day including accessorizing & style tips).

Wedding Packages
Costs range from $500 - $800 depending on package chosen & customization (see below for details)

My role as your Wedding Fashion Stylist is not to tell you what you should wear on your wedding day. There are many people out there that can do that!

Instead, think of me as your guide. I will listen to you, get to know you, learn about the type of wedding you are planning, and understand what you want to look like on your wedding day. I will ask you to share photos, tear sheets, and other information to complete your overall vision. Once I really know you, your style, and the “look & feel” of your wedding, I will shape our experience together.

I do not believe in wasting time. Our itinerary will be tailored specifically to you and will ensure you see exactly what you need to see. If that changes along the way, then I will adjust our plan accordingly.

The wedding dress is the foundation for all of the fashion components for the wedding. Once we find the dress, we can move to assembling custom pieces to finish your look and taking care of your wardrobe for the other wedding events.

From there I often help the mothers, the groom, and the wedding party – making sure that all of the fashion is coordinated to complement both your dress and the overall event.



*Please Note: All wedding packages can be customized to suit individual needs of clients. Prices will range anywhere from $500 - $800 depending on package & customization.



The Social Bride – bridal showers and rehearsal dinners and bridesmaids brunches. Get through all of your pre-wedding soirees with your style firmly intact.


  • Dress bride for 3 celebratory events (bridal shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, etc)

  • Consultation to determine Bride’s personal style and mood of event

  • Assessment to determine best styles for Bride’s body type

  • Personal Shopping/Shop your closet to achieve look for event


The Stylish Engagement (for the Groom too!) – the engagement photos will last a lifetime. Be the picture of timeless sophistication and style.

  • Create up to 3 coordinated (but not matching!) looks each for Bride & Groom for engagement photo session.

  • Consultation to determine Bride’s personal style, style of wedding and vision for photo shoot.

  • Assessment to determine best style for Bride’s body type

  • Recommendations for best colors to wear for color and black & white photos

  • Personal Shopping/Shop your closet to create looks


The Dress – bringing an entourage to your bridal appointment? Don’t let your own style and vision get lost amongst your mother’s opinion and the shop girl’s hard sell!


  • Consultation to determine Bride’s personal style and vision for her day Incorporation of all design elements of wedding (venue, color scheme, flowers, etc) to ensure cohesive style between the gown and the event.

  • Assessment to determine best gown shape for Bride’s body type

  • Customized recommendations for gown shape and style

  • Referrals of boutiques to source gowns

  • Appointments booked with boutiques

  • Liaise with boutique shop girls to ensure best selection of gowns is made available

  • Accompany bride to up to three appointments

  • Serve as Bride’s advocate, ensuring her vision and style come first in gown decision

  • Recommendations for jewelry, headpiece & shoes to best complement gown


The Happily-Ever-After (searching for a bikini for your honeymoon? Never fear! Your personal shopper is here!)

  • Dress Bride for her destination honeymoon

  • Consultation to determine Bride’s personal style and needs for her trip

  • Personal Shopping/Shop your closet to style Bride for every day of her honeymoon


The Wedding Party – (need someone to coordinate your wedding party? Don’t get stressed out trying to make everyone in your wedding party happy – that’s where I come in! I am also able to do this same package for the groomsmen, best man & fathers-of-the-bride & groom if so desired)


  • Dress bridesmaids, mothers-of-the-bride & groom & maid of honor for up to three wedding events (including bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and bachelorette party).

  • Consultation with wedding party to discuss personal tastes & needs for events

  • Personal Shopping of up to 6 hours to create looks for each event





Intro Call

Talk to K.Micole on the phone for 15 minutes. Get to know her, tell her about your style goals, and get style tips and inspiration. You'll learn how a great personal stylist can transform your life.

Totally free!

Start Here



Closet Audit

K.Micole will go through your closet with you, creating new outfits from the clothes you already have and making a prioritized shopping list to round out your wardrobe.

$249 for 2½ hours

You'll get the most value by doing a closet audit first, then following it up with some shopping time.



Personal Shopping

K.Micole will find you new outfits that fit your style, needs, and budget. Find that perfect pair of boots for a special occasion, or multiply your wardrobe with versatile new pieces.

The shopping session can be in-person at a store or online through video chat and your style board — your choice.

$63 per hour

We recommend starting with a closet audit. If you'd prefer to start with a shopping session, let your stylist know when you contact them.



Ongoing Advice

K.Micole will be there to answer your style questions and guide you with quick feedback on photos of the outfits you're putting together each morning.

$19 per month

This service is only available after you've booked a closet audit, because your stylist needs to get to know you first.

Share Some Style stylists will come to your home and transform your personal style.

2½ hours of expert style advice. $249. This is personal styling.


1. Phone Prep

Schedule a free 15-minute call to get to know your stylist and help them understand your style goals.


2. In-Home Closet Audit

Your stylist will come over, analyze your wardrobe, help you mix-and-match what works, and donate the rest.


3. Prioritized Shopping List

Your stylist will hand-pick outfits that transform your wardrobe and make you look incredible. K.Micole personal shopping service is designed to take the stress and strain out of shopping, giving you back valuable leisure and free time!

How often do we leave shopping to the last minute? Whether it‘s a new suit or outfit for an important meeting, event or interview, or an unexpected or forgotten gift for family, friends or a colleague; R personal shopper can go shopping for your lifestyle, leaving you time to get on with the more important things in life.


Personal Shopping: make shopping stress free and fun. R personal shopper can go with you or for you. Personal shopping service available by the hour, half-day appointment or full day appointment.

Wardrobe Styling: Does your wardrobe need a fresh pair of eyes? The more you know about clothes, the less of them you need! Pamper yourself with a wardrobe styling session and optimize your wardrobe base. R personal shopper can review and evaluate your wardrobe to fit your lifestyle and individuality.

Colour and Tonal Analysis : Colour analysis enables you to discover which are your most flattering shades and tones of all the colors. Ultimately you should have clothes which mix and match in your wardrobe, and that are in harmony with each other and your own personal style and coloring. This service includes color cards, cosmetic consultation and make-up application, plus advice on color choice with recommendations for make-up and accessories.

Seasonal Audits: Give your wardrobe a seasonal style review- a regular image up-date can refresh your wardrobe just in time for the winter months ahead. Just a few suggested additions, clothes, accessories or footwear, can be enough to breath fresh air and fun back into your wardrobe!

Gift Shopping: tell us what you want and we will find it for you. Need inspiration? R personal shopping service can help with suggested gift ideas; just tell us what your gift requirements are and we will source gifts that will thrill and delight.

Special Event Shopping: Planning an event or want to organised a party with a difference for a group of friends? Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Wedding Favors…. Ruth can access special discounts for her clients from a wide range of retail shops and suppliers; these special discounts are always available for her clients, not just at sales times, making a personal shopping service affordable (and cost effective) all year round.

Corporate Shopping: Do you need someone to source and organised special gift requirements or personal shopping for Corporate or Business Services, Corporate Gifts for VIP Clients? Whatever the occasion is, R personal shopper can provide that professional touch with a signature gift solution or shopping service tailor made to your business needs.

Personal Shopping Experience -

Includes Complimentary Style Consultation

  • Personal shopping by the hour (minimum two hours)

  • Monday - Saturday: 55.00 per hour

  • Half-day shopping appointment, AM or PM - approx 4 hours:

  • Monday - Saturday: 189.00

  • Full day appointment, booked between hours of 9am and 6pm:

  • Approx 7 hours

  • Monday - Saturday: 279.00

Wardrobe Services:

  • Full Wardrobe Styling Audit- style consultation and wardrobe audit

  • Approx 4 hours

  • Monday - Saturday: 250.00

  • Seasonal Wardrobe Audit - style update & edit current wardrobe needs

  • Approx 2 hours

  • Monday - Saturday: 125.00

Colour and Tonal Analysis:

  • Make your wardrobe work with a Colour & Tonal Consultation-

  • Approx 1 hour 30 mins

  • Includes Cosmetic Make-over and Colour Style Guide

  • Monday - Saturday: 95.00

Wardrobe Audit & Colour Consultation:

  • Seasonal Wardrobe Edit incorporating Colour & Tonal Analysis (special linked rate)

  • Approx 3 hours

  • Includes Cosmetic Make-Over and Colour Style Guide

  • Monday to Saturday: 165.00

We can combine ANY of our services to meet individual or group needs- rates available on request


BRIDAL MAKE-UP SERVICE is normally carried out in the brides home or location of choice. The cost is dependant on individual party requirements and appointments will be tailor-made to meet bridal party needs including trial make-up consultaions as required. Please call to discuss your specific requirements in confidentiality


Group Services and Gift Shopping

We offer 'tailor-made' packages for party nights,

groups and organizations

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements

Special Events and Group Services

  • Rates for specific events or party nights relate to group size and services required, rates can be tailored to reflect group activity please call to discuss requirements in confidentiality


Gift Shopping:

  • Minimum service charge 60.00

  • Expenses for postage and packaging not included in above

  • This service is tailor made to meet clients specific needs

  • please call to discuss details & requirements for this service

* Prices quoted include all travel costs within 20 mile radius of Atlanta



30 Minutes of FAME

Already have in mind the look you are going for? With just 30 Minutes of FAME you get a professional shopping experience on the go at your fave boutique, department store or specialty store. The idea is to have more controlled shopping and less indecisiveness when it comes to this option.


Two Will DO

  Get two hours of styl + ish rehab with a friend of your choice! Two will do is the most personal, and I mean personal shopping experience you can book and the option to tag your friend along is a plus! Get styl + ish tips, tricks and the best looks for the two of you in two hours tops.


Wardrobe Mayhem

  Get a completely NEW wardrobe in under 3 hours tops! Great for the fashionista that just has to stay on top of the latest trends. Enjoy the luxury of choosing the location to shop, receive styl + ish tips and tricks and even makeup recommendations to spice up that new wardrobe. Its not called Wardrobe Mayhem for nothing!


None Of The ABOVE?!

 Its okay! Simply click on the option to book your appointment and I will create a personal shopping experience that is right for you!


* I will become your private personal stylist for any occasion throughout your career.


The Personal Stylist package is the best way to be stress free when it comes to

preparing for a stylish or professional event. With my help you will receive the

perfect self tailored look that matches your ideal image.






Work with me on a specific contracted period and receive:

- Your personal Style Prediction

- Infinite Wardrobe Organization sessions to edit and determine your ideal wardrobe


- Personal tailoring appointments (if and when needed)


What to expect from this package:

- Personal styling at home or location on event/red carpet/appearance

- Custom wardrobe master plan

- I will pre-shop for you with accounted budget

- Style from home sessions where I bring outfits to you and dress you

- Wardrobe Organization recommendations

- Personalized recommendations for hair and make up

- 24/hour email/phone access to ask questions



All travel styling must be accommodated par

clients expenses. A budget is required for

all styling needs (client must provide budget

to shop with.) Fitting sessions and tailored

sessions will be scheduled to accommodate

wardrobe. Client will receive hand picked

garments to travel with on traveled styling

opportunities. All styling opportunities with

client must be scheduled at least one week

in advance to accommodate my traveling

needs for you.

Bi-weekly or Monthly payment terms only.


Apply now!  To receive the benefits of a Personal Stylist.


Going to a red carpet event? Prepping for a wedding? Have a big party to attend?


Don’t get overwhelmed with the prospect of trying to put together a great look.

Find the best evening looks for your shape within your budget and style.


Imagine looking better than you thought you could

Be completely stress-free!

No need to worry about how your clothes fit or what shoes won’t kill your feet

With the Red Carpet package, all that will be left for you to do is to look ravishing.




I’ll work with you to create a head-to-toe style that flatters your body and makes you

feel comfortable and beautiful. You will be turning heads and getting compliments left

and right!


What to expect from this package:

- A head-to-toe look that will have you looking amazing

- A stress-free shopping experience

- Working side by side with a stylist who is focused on you and you alone

- A perfect look with your best color, fit and style in mind

- Personalized recommendations for hair and make up

- A fashion emergency tool kit for last minute details


Get a sleek and confident look for your next big event. Buy the red carpet package today:


Red Carpet Package One Day Rate $750




Are you a recording artist or musician? Athlete? Entrepreneur?


The Image Development package is the most astound and basic for anyone in the

entertainment industry in need of the perfect self tailored (with my help of course!)

image to help you not only conduct business good but also look good doing so.





Work with me for 8 sessions held over a 2 month period and receive:

- Your personal Style Prediction

- Wardrobe Organization sessions to edit and determine your wardrobe needs (2)

- Half day shopping experiences (2)

- Personal tailoring appointments (if and when needed)

- Professional makeup tutorials with your cosmetics (or not) and product shopping

- Lookbook of your new collection photographed and cataloged in a softbound book

for reference and inspiration

- Professional photo shoot including makeup, hair and styling in your new looks


What to expect from this package:

- Your own style Lookbook

- Custom wardrobe master plan

- I will pre-shop for you so you can arrive to a dressing room full of clothing selections

- Online selections sent to your email

- Style from home sessions where I bring outfits to you

- Wardrobe Organization recommendations

- Assistance in donating and recycling clothing

- Personalized recommendations for hair and make up

- Email/phone access to ask questions during the package

- A fashion emergency tool kit for last minute details

Package Value ($3,550)

Special PRICE:   $1,550

DEPOSIT:   $550

Is it time for a new look in the work place? Needing help on developing a professional

transformation that fits not only your work life but also your social life?


A Professional Styling Package can help define your newness and chic ambition for a

great work vs. social styling solution.






Work with me for 10 sessions held over a 4 month period and receive:

- Your personal Style Prediction

- Wardrobe Organization sessions to edit and determine your wardrobe needs (2)

- Half day shopping experiences (4)

- Personal tailoring appointments (if and when needed)

- Professional makeup tutorials with your cosmetics (or not) and product shopping

- Lookbook of your new collection photographed and cataloged in a softbound book

for reference and inspiration

- Professional photo shoot including makeup, hair and styling in your new looks


What to expect from this package:

- Your own style Lookbook

- Custom wardrobe master plan

- I will pre-shop for you so you can arrive to a dressing room full of clothing selections

- Online selections sent to your email

- Style from home sessions where I bring outfits to you

- Wardrobe Organization recommendations

- Assistance in donating and recycling clothing

- Personalized recommendations for hair and make up

- Email/phone access to ask questions during the package

- A fashion emergency tool kit for last minute details

Package Value $5,550

Special PRICE:  $3,550

DEPOSIT:  $750


Are big things happening in your life? Weight loss? Divorce? New career?

It might be time for a new look.


Embrace change with a self-assured look. With a Styl + ish Renovation, I will create

that special look that goes with the new image you want to show off to the world.





Work with me for 12 sessions held over a 6 month period and receive:

- Your personal Style Prediction

- Wardrobe Organization sessions to edit and determine your wardrobe needs (2)

- Half day shopping experiences (6)

- Personal tailoring appointments (if and when needed)

- Professional makeup tutorials with your cosmetics (or not) and product shopping

- Lookbook of your new collection photographed and cataloged in a softbound book

for reference and inspiration

- Professional photo shoot including makeup, hair and styling in your new looks


What to expect from this package:

- Your own style Lookbook

- Custom wardrobe master plan

- I will pre-shop for you so you can arrive to a dressing room full of clothing selections

- Online selections sent to your email

- Style from home sessions where I bring outfits to you

- Wardrobe Organization recommendations

- Assistance in donating and recycling clothing

- Personalized recommendations for hair and make up

- Email/phone access to ask questions during the package

- A fashion emergency tool kit for last minute details


Package Value ($4,550)

Special PRICE:   $2,550

DEPOSIT:   $750


Custom Treatments

Are you the type who is interested in a style transformation but does not

see the perfect package listed? Don't fret, my custom packages are some

of the best tailor made style plans one can choose to have formulated!


With a little bit of this and a little bit of that, your personal style prediction

is delivered! I want to help you not only look the par but I also strive to

help "you" in the long run. My strategies and solutions hit the nail on the

head. I won't make you fit into a look, I will make your ideal look fit into you!



available for freelance opportunities

budget required for styling ($300 deposit to book)

                     ONE DAY RATE ONLY


photo shoot

starting at $350


music video

starting at $550


Stylist is a name we go by, but we also go by many more

I have been called so many things. I’ve been called an image consultant, style consultant, personal shopper and stylist. I don’t bother correcting anyone when they call me any of these names because there really isn’t a proper term to describe what many of us in the profession do. However, there are some subtle distinctions you on which you should be clear. While I for one could call myself all of the above, typically, image consultant is a very broad profession. People with very public careers, like politicians and celebrities, hire image consultants who work with a team to help shape the public image of these folks, especially when something goes terribly wrong. Additionally, many image consultants are trained and qualified in the area of etiquette, public speaking, media training and other areas of visual communication. However, not all image consultants specialize or are required to have training in any of these areas. Image consultant is a broad term that can have many different meanings.

Personal shoppers are not stylists, typically. Personal shoppers usually focus solely on the shopping aspect of a client’s needs. They usually don’t do at-home appointments, closet edits or anything beyond helping a client shop. This is only a fraction of what a stylist can do for you. Personal shoppers can either work for a store or independently. They also can be hired for things beyond fashion, like shopping for gifts and other non-fashion items. I knew a personal shopper who was hired by a corporation to handle all the gift buying for clients and employees during the holidays.

Style consultant is another tricky term, simply because many retailers have started calling their sales associates style consultants. This irks me beyond belief because usually a sales associate in a store isn’t trained beyond doing typical sales associate things- like ringing customers up, stocking the floors, selling and cleaning out dressing rooms. Style consultant is a made up term that had no meaning in the retail world but some personal stylists use the term style consultant in lieu of stylist. When I started my career I used the title Style Consultant but abandoned it once the term was usurped by retailers and online fashion sources.

Stylist is also a tricky term, as there are many different types. There are editorial stylists, celebrity stylists and personal stylists. Be clear on which type of stylist the person is before you want to hire them. I’m a personal stylist, meaning that I am not a celebrity stylist (though some of my clients are very public and well known in their professions) and I don’t do any type of red carpet styling. I’m also not an editorial stylist. Editorial stylists are stylists who work with magazines, with photographers or to help sell a product. Editorial stylists often create beautiful imagery with their talents, however, they are usually not as adept with real-life, day to day styling that sells the person, not the product. Some stylists do wear many hats and will do editorial styling, some celebrity styling and personal styling, but I am usually a bit wary of these types of stylists. If I was looking to hire a stylist I’d want one who is more of a master in their one area and who stayed in their own lane. Don’t be wooed by someone who is celebrity stylist just because they have gotten stars ready for the red carpet. There is a good chance they don’t have the same skill set for your needs.

Of course, there a plenty of other names that I’ve heard, including fashion consultant, wardrobe consultant, plus many more.


Some examples of private clients are;

A mom who has no time to shop.

A CEO who is too busy running a business.

Any person who speaks in public regularly.

A Celebrity who needs to be dressed for appearances and or their private/personal life.

Someone experiencing some sort of change in their life.

o New job.

o Divorce.

o Lost weight.

o Gained weight.