K.Micole is a celebrity makeup artist, image consultant, philanthropist,

and motivational speaker. K.Micole has a larger than life personality but more overly

heart. she’s not infamously known as a diva, IT'S just for her fabulous nature her

meaning for DIVA is defined as Divinely Inspired Victoriously Anointed, all of which

describes K.Micole emphatically.


K.Micole offers wardrobe/image styling and brand development. Among her specialties

are full image styling including hair and makeup. K.Micole offers clients the latest in

beauty trends, as well as classic style. Not only does she transform her clients’

appearance,but she teaches them how to maintain their look. K.Micole states, “I don’t

think makeup should hide your true beauty, it should only enhance it from the inside out”.


K.Micole continues to redefine the industry by combining the worlds of styling, makeup

artistry and hairstyling to provide total image consulting and so much more. Her services will help you discover “The You, YOU Didn’t Know You Could Be”.


She is truly a master of all trades with one of her greatest reward coming from her ability to speak into the lives of women of all ages. After struggling for years with low self-esteem at a young age and choosing to love herself in spite of other people’s opinions and societal

views, she has made it her mission to help women reclaim their self worth and learn their purpose in life. K.Micole has been able to achieve her mission by hosting seminars and partnering with women’s organizations across the country. Everywhere that she goes lives

are changed by her vibrant personality and relatable life experiences. Every woman who leaves her seminars leaves loving themselves even more and looking and feeling FABULOUS from the inside out. 


Because of this K.Micole offers the entire beauty experience from the inside to shine thru your outer appearance, establishing herself as a one stop shop under her motto that “You LOOK SPEAKS BEFORE YOU DO!”