You’re the One Foundation... 

You were uniquely and wonderfully made on Purpose, with a Purpose, for Purpose. Let’s tap into IT!


The goal is to assist plus size women and teens in coping with the peer pressure of being overweight, through personal and professional development. We offer: a monthly newsletter, bi-weekly webinars, workshops in self esteem/worth, makeup and image building, proportion-appropriate dressing, and much more.  Everything we offer is designed to edify the self-esteem, spiritual, health and beauty of women.  It is all about us!


The Dream Begins...


K.Micole, always dreamed of helps women see their inner beauty on the outside as well, from that dream was birth You’re the One Foundation in 2014.  The name came from her late mother,  Michelle McKee who would always say “Who’s  the One to do it?” the answer was You’re the One. K.Micole wanted to create a vehicle for full-figured women and women as a whole that would build their self-esteem and promote a better self-image, regardless of their size. K.Micole's, concept of Promoting Beauty Through Self-esteem, Self-worthy, Faith.  This concept is no longer just a dream.  It is a reality that will dynamically changed the lives of women all over the country.


You’re the One Foundation National Program Mission:


YTO Foundation will a national organization dedicated to the empowerment of plus sized women.  No woman or young woman of any ethnicity is excluded.  YTO Foundation will have a projected membership base throughout US.


The From Dull 2 Diva Program specifically works to expand the world of quality empowerment, health education and self-esteem building programs to benefit disadvantaged female through dynamic interactions with mentors, health educators, motivation experts, and successful women of color.


You’re the One Foundation believes that, with the help and guidance of caring adults each plus sized woman or girl can discover how to unlock and achieve her full potential and promise. YTO Foundation is poised to become the nation's premier advocate and resource for the expansion of female youth empowerment initiatives nationwide through the use of technology, community partnerships and strategic alliances. As such, the YTO Foundation will work with a strong network of national, state and local partnerships to leverage resources and provide the support and tools that service providers, educators and community agencies need to diminish the digital divide and to effectively serve plus sized women and girls in their communities nationwide.


The current YTO Foundation is the pilot for a multi-state national program which will make educators, activists and concerned individuals of caliber and diverse ethnic backgrounds available to the plus sized women who need them through its innovative program.  This program will also serve to expand the reach and efficacy of existing empowerment programs by allowing them to access the platform provided through the From Dull 2 Diva Program.  The From Dull 2 Diva Program can potentially be used to powerfully enhance countless of women and youth programs across the country.


You’re the One Foundation continues to develop and expand the countless of outreaches it has targeted to plus sized women and girls of color.  Our goal is to assist plus size women and teens in coping with the peer pressure of being overweight, through personal and professional development. We offer:


  • A monthly Health & Beauty Newsletter

  • Bi-weekly webinars,

  • Workshops in self esteem/worth

  • Workshops in makeup and image building

  • Proportion-appropriate dressing and much more

  • Ongoing Initiatives in Promoting Health and Beauty

  • Through Self-esteem


  • Regular Activities

  • Bowl for Your Health

  • You’re the One Foundation Family Picnic

  • Bible Studies

  • "THICK BUT FIT" Weight Mgmt Program

  • Annual Events

  • The Get Fit for Change International Healthy Lifestyle Expo

  • Providing resources and information

  • Promoting a greater appreciation for a healthy lifestyle, regardless of size

  • Providing exposure within the fashion, modeling and beauty industries for potential career opportunities

  • Empowering women of all ages and sizes to unleash their unlimited potential for success

  • Etiquette classes...and much more


The concepts and promotional ideas presented here are the sole property of From Dull 2 Diva Program and You’re the One Foundation subsidiary and cannot be copied, borrowed or reproduced without express written permission and requires final approval.